If you simply uninstall this app from your store by removing it from your Shopify apps list, you may be confused with the result and still see field values in your store. This is because of how your data is printed and stored in Shopify. In this tutorial, we will go over how to fully uninstall the app and delete field values from your store.

Using the Automatic Uninstaller

In Customer Account Fields, click on the Settings option on the menu bar. After clicking this, right at the top of the page will be a section for the Automatic Install feature.


If you already have the app installed in your store, the install button will be grayed out and the "Uninstall" button will be available.

Click on the Uninstall button. You will be prompted to restore the files in your store, click the red confirmation button. That's it, you've successfully uninstalled from your theme.

Manual Uninstallation

In case the Automatic Uninstaller didn't work, or if you already deleted the app this short guide will show you all the places where you should remove Custom Account Fields code in your Shopify Theme.

Restoring Your Shopify Theme

When Customer Account Fields is installed, it creates two files for the app to function and two backups of previously used files. These files are here:



Remove these two files as they are no longer needed.



Now that you have removed these files, we need to restore two of our Shopify files with the two backups from the app. You can find these backups by searching for "cf" in your Shopify code.

Copy customers/register.cf-app-backup.liquid to customers/register.liquid

Copy customers/account.cf-app-backup.liquid to customers/account.liquid

Deleting Stored Data

The app stores your data in the app's database in order to provide robust filtering and fast exports. When you uninstall the app from your store, the data in our database is deleted immediately.

Please note that you do not need to take action for a redaction request when triggered from Shopify. These records are selectively deleted in our app and in Shopify and do not require uninstallation of the app.

If you'd like to delete data we synced to Shopify and stored in metafields, access the Customer bulk edit tool in Shopify by going to Customers > Select Customers > Edit Customers