Shopify Point of Sale (POS) Integration

The Shopify POS integration allows you to edit customer fields directly within the Shopify POS app for iOS and Android.

Note: In order to use the app on the iPad, the iPad must log in to the app at least one time. This is due to security measures on the iPad. If the iPad does not visit the app, it will not be able to display the fields in POS. 

Enable Shopify POS Integration for Paid Plans

By default the app will not work through Shopify POS, you must go to the settings page and click the "Enable" button. You may be required to authorize additional app permissions for reading order history, this is required for the app to work in Shopify POS.


Once you have Shopify POS enabled you can hide specific fields from Shopify POS. Simply go to edit a field and check the "Hide field in Shopify POS" checkbox. Note that the password field is always disabled in Shopify POS.


The New Version of Shopify POS

*If you are using the old version of Shopify POS see bottom of this help article.

To enable Customer Account Fields on the new version of Shopify POS we must add the "Edit Customer Fields" tile to the homepage. Please note that the steps for adding the "Edit Customer Fields" functionality are the same for iPad and iPhone. The following screenshots are from the iPhone version of Shopify POS.

Step 1: On the Shopify POS Home screen click the "Add tile" tile.

Step 2: Click "App" since we are going to be adding an App tile.

Step 3: Click on the app "Customer Account Fields".

Step 4: Under "Actions" look for the app action of "Edit Customer Fields" and click the "Add" button.

Step 5: The tile will be added to your Home screen. You can click re-arrange your tiles and click "Done".

Step 6: To use the "Edit Customer Fields" app action, you must have a customer selected for checkout. Click the "Add customer" tile if you don't currently have a customer.

Step 7: Search for a customer and then select one.

Step 8: Now that you have a customer selected you can click the "Edit Customer Fields" app tile.

Step 9: Edit your customer's fields and click the "Save" button.



The Old Version of Shopify POS

Select the three dots menu in the top-right when in the cart view when you have a customer selected. You can select an existing customer or create a new one.


Select "Edit Customer Fields" app.


Edit your customer fields and click the "SAVE" button.


You should see a success message letting you know the fields were saved properly.



When editing a customer in the POS app on iPad and you are redirected to a blank screen, you should be able to fix this by tweaking the app settings. Go to Settings > Shopify POS and toggle the option to Allow Cross-Website Tracking as shown below:

You can also go ahead and enable the option to Remove all sessions on next launch as shown below:

If the issue persists, there could be a problem with your user permissions and the integration will need to re-authenticate. To do this, please head over to the Settings page in the app and disable the POS integration as shown below:

Next, enable the integration as shown below and this should fix the problem.