Searching & Filtering Customers

You can search for customers in two ways, filter by customer properties, or use a customer segment.

Filter by Properties

Using the Search box you can type in part of a customer name, email, phone number, and tags.

Use the "Field" dropdown to specifically filter by certain customer properties.

*Note: Filter by Properties does not support filtering by metafield values. To filter by metafield value you must create a customer segment (detailed below).

Filter by Segment

Segments are created in your Shopify store, under Admin > Customers > Segments.

Customer segments allow you to create custom filters, and includes the ability to filter by metafield value.

How to Filter by Metafield Value

To filter by metafield value using a customer segment, you must first create a Metafield Definition. This can be found in your Shopify store under Admin > Settings > Custom Data > Customers.

Once there, you can find your Customer Account Fields under "Metafields without a definition". The metafield namespace and key will start with "cf_app.", such as "cf_app.my_text_field".

Find your metafield and click "Add definition".

Make sure you configure the field type to match the type of data being stored.

Once you have your Metafield Definition created, you can create a customer segment based on the value.

Go to Admin > Customers > Segments, and "Create segment".

In your segment filter you should be able to see your metafield definition.

Save the new segment and it will become available in the Customer Account Fields app.