Importing Customers

Customer Account Fields can import new customers or update existing customers.

Import files are formatted identically to Shopify's export files for customers. Simply add your own columns and field values. On import, we'll ignore any data that the app doesn't control. For example, addresses will be ignored. The same is true when importing the file into Shopify. They'll ignore our data during import.

Imports use the customer's email address as the primary key. Please ensure that this column exists in your import file for the import to work smoothly. You can begin with a customer export from Shopify.

Imports happen in the background. No waiting around for it to finish. We'll email you when the import is complete.

Data Validation

We'll validate your data on import, using the rules you defined for each field. If the data doesn't pass your validation rules, the record will be rejected. We'll email you the rejected records with a report on how to fix them.

Formatting your CSV

The format for importing field data is to use the "machine name" of the field with the prefix of cf_app. For example, cf_app["MACHINE_NAME"]. The machine name can be found when adding or editing field settings.

On field creation, the machine name is generated automatically


When editing, the machine name is listed below the Field Label.