Custom Fields vs. Customer Account Fields

There are many differences between the two apps and a few similarities.


  • Both apps can deal with fields attached to customers.
  • Both utilize the Metafields API in Shopify.
  • Both allow admins to export customer field data.
  • Both are accessed via a separate monthly subscription.
  • Both are built by Bonify. ;)


Bonify Customer Account Fields

  • Integrated with Shopify POS.
  • Integrated into the customer registration and checkout flow in your store.
  • Allows your customer to create and maintain their own profile on your site.
  • Allows admins to set fields as hidden/admin only, or shown on the registration form and editable by the customer.
  • Allows admins to create conditional form fields, triggered by responses to other questions.
  • Includes a registration form editing tool, to allow admins to adjust the registration form layout.
  • Instant searching, sorting, filtering, and exports of field data. 
  • Includes a searchable API for extracting data or updating data.
  • Is integrated into Shopify as an embedded app, using Polaris.

Custom Fields

  • Allows admins to create fields that are either hidden from customers or read-only by customers.
  • Allows admins to update Customer field data inside Shopify using our Chrome extension.