Creating Fields

In this article, you will learn how to set up and customize the User Registration Form on your Shopify store using Customer Account Fields.

Heads Up!

The app must be installed in your theme before the form fields you create will be active in your store. You can play around with the app before installing it, just remember to do the install process once you're ready to have customers start using the app.

Creating Your First Field

Click on the Fields tab in the app. By default, you'll see Shopify's normal customer registration form fields. 


Click on Add New Field to create a Customer Field. Field type options will appear. Choose your field type and give it a label.


For this example, we created a checkbox field. Options for settings will vary depending on the field type selected. Check out Field Types to learn more.


Form Preview

After filling out the field values and settings, you can check to see what your registration page will look like by clicking on the Preview option at the top of the Fields page. Preview.png