How Customers Interact With The App


When setting up the Customer Account Fields app, sometimes it can be difficult to understand how your customers will interact with the app and what app changes in your store and theme.

This article is a walk-through of the customer experience.

Registration Form Preview

In the Customer Account Fields app on the Fields tab, you can see a preview of the registration form. The form is a functional representation of how a customer would interact with the registration form. Use the preview to review and adjust the spacing and layout, and test your conditional settings.


Live Registration Page 

This is what gets shown to the customers when they create an account on your Shopify store. This is the live representation of the form in the preview section above. 

You can access this page at  /account/register in your store, or by clicking on the account link in your theme and then clicking on Create Account. Depending on how you configured your fields, some fields may be hidden on this page and only shown after registration.


Logged In Customer Profile

After the customer registers for a new account, their profile page will include a new link to edit their account. They can access the profile edit screen by clicking on the profile button and then edit. They can also access the edit screen directly by visiting /account?view=edit


To learn how to print their information on the account page, read this tutorial on how to print customer account fields in Read only Format.


Profile Editing

From the edit screen, your customers can make changes to their profiles. Customers can also access the edit screen directly by visiting /account?view=edit


Registration During Checkout

Your store must be set to "Accounts are required" selected in the checkout settings page in your Shopify admin to use this feature.


Once enabled, the checkout experience changes. From the cart page, clicking on the Check Out button will send the user to the login screen, with the option to create an account. Clicking the create account button will function as described above under "Live Registration".