Basic Field Settings (All Fields)

The Customer Account Fields app provides several customization options for each field. 

Visible to Admins Only

This setting allows you to store additional information about a customer without them being aware of it. When the form is rendered during editing by an admin, these fields will appear. They will not appear on the registration form or when a customer edits their own profile.

Available Only During Registration

This setting allows the field to be set during registration but never appears for the customer again.

Available Only When Editing Profile

This setting hides the field during registration but shows the field on the user's profile after registration.


Use the classes section to enter any CSS classes you'd like on that form element. This helps you target the element in your own CSS for any reason you wish.


Use the placeholder setting to enter placeholder text to explain the purpose of a field to your customer. An example on the first name field might be "John" and on the last name field "Smith".

Default Value

Use the default value field allows you to set a default suggested value for the customer.


Descriptions are used to add help text that guides your customer. For example, on a file upload field, you may want to list allowed file types. 

Form Field Width

Use the Form Field Width settings to adjust the layout of your form. Use these settings along with the form preview and the field ordering adjustment controls to customize the layout of your form. 

Autotag Users


Checkbox, Dropdown, and Radio Button fields all allow you to Autotag the customer in Shopify with the value set in the app.